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Martial Arts Mullingar (Essence)

The best kids martial arts teach manners, discipline and respect as well as good self defence for kids. Mullingar martial arts club not only imparts this knowledge but does so in a fun filled happy environment. Kids martial arts classes in Mullingar co Westmeath cater for all ages and parents are very much a part of the club. All our instructors are trained in Japan under grandmaster Shoto Tanemura and all members are registered in Japan. Martial arts Mullingar cover all aspects of childrens martial arts and encourage this discipline throughout other aspects of their lives. Kids martial arts Mullingar teach children the value of respecting their parents and teachers as well as the best childrens self defence through awareness. It is better if a child can see danger before it happens and escape. This is the age old way of teaching children good martial arts and martial strategy. They must only engage in conflict when there is absolutely no other option and in that case they must have good childrens self defence.

An important part of kids martial arts Mullingar is learning how to deal with bullies in a way that does not turn the child into a bully. If a child has self worth then they will not bully others. The best childrens martial arts classes teach children self worth.

Adults martial arts classes in Mullingar teach traditional Japanese Kobudo in the traditional way with emphasis on the highest level of manners. Kobudo forms the basic levels of all Japanese martial arts and therefore the best adults self defence. Mullingar martial arts club teach Genbukan Martial Arts which covers the complete martial arts spectrum of training from kicking, punching, blocking, locks, throws, escapes as well as Japanese sword, bo staff (stick fighting) spear and archery. There are specialist weapons after this and the highest level of martial arts training that round the person. In ancient times women had to walk the mountains attending shrines and some were even monks. They had to learn the highest and best womens self defence in order to survive. This again was achieved through traditional training. It is not about fighting or competition. It is about self defence and the preservation of life. It is about teaching children good manners and the best childrens self defence through martial training. It is about giving women the tools to deal with difficult situations while enjoying training. It is about the best fun things for kids to do in Mullingar while learning valuable life skills. Kids can learn great skills through  a very good childrens martial art but they must balance this with good manners and understanding the essence of the martial arts.


For adults martial arts Mullingar and kids martial arts Mullingar look up www.shogun.ie

or call 0858808265

All are welcome to come and train.


Live by the sword, die by the sword is a common saying related to the savagery of war or a lifestyle that would bring about an unhappy ending. The reality of sword training is very different from this and teaches us the culture of the sword because that is where the training brings the person and eventually the personality that becomes intertwined with this culture. It breeds a very different understanding of why one would train with the sword and defines the art in its true light. The culture of the sword is of course intrinsically tied to warfare but it has a disciplined nature and that makes it very different to firing a gun or even training with a knife. There is of course discipline in all weapons training but the Japanese sword was taken to a much higher level and with it those who afford themselves that time and patience in becoming part of that training in its most stringent and controlled manner become enamoured to its power and more so its strength.

At Shogun.ie Navan and Mullingar students come to train for many different reasons, some simply love the culture of Japan and its history. It is important to know that history makes you what you are and by immersing yourself in the culture of what you are learning history becomes a part of you.

The power of a sword is in its cut and ultimately in one who wields it well, but Its strength, when realised, is not one of warfare it is of the forging of a more disciplined mind.

Kyoshi Martin O’Raghaillaigh


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Martial Arts Mullingar


The Martial Art we teach is called Genbukan Martial Arts and our dojo name is Sanzen Genbukan Dojo.

We are a family run Martial Art that teach children the value of Manners, Discipline and Respect. We teach adults Awareness, Confidence and Self Defence for all situations. We are a very old Martial Art and continue to teach the old ways. Children must learn how to escape from danger and know the difference between right and wrong. A clever Martial Artist does not need to fight but knows how to defend themselves when there is no other option.

Our family run club in Mullingar is designed as a traditional Japanese dojo with male and female changing rooms and a seated area for parents so you can enjoy a coffee and watch the class. We have a relaxed atmosphere but are dedicated to imparting knowledge and good manners while learning self defence with fun and games in a traditional environment

Our adult classes are structured exactly the same as our head dojo in Japan (Honbu) and teach in the traditional Japanese manner. You do not have to be big, strong or very fit to start Martial Arts you just have to walk in the door.

Health benefits:

Traditional Martial Arts are renowned for their health benefits. Fitness will develop over time in a very positive way. What is not so well known is the mental health benefits. When you are learning something that has depth and enjoying yourself at the same time the benefits to mental health are enormous. You are physically and mentally moving all the time. Challenging the body and the mind in a positive environment

We remain true to our traditions and train directly under world renowned Ninpo Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura


We are the Shogun Martial Arts training centre next to Mileys Garage Dublin Bridge, Austin Friars street (Dublin Road) Mullingar. There are plenty of car parking facilities around us within a two minute walk including one free car park just over the bridge and Super Value just around the corner

Training times

Kids Classes:  (Ninja Kids)

Every Wednesday and Thursday evening :

Ages 5,6 and 7 classes at 6pm-6:45pm

Ages 8,9, 10, 11 and 12 classes at 7pm-7.45pm 

Every Saturday

Ages 5,6, 7, and 8 classes at 11-11:45

Ages 8,9, 10, 11 and 12 classes at 12-12:45

 ”New Ninja tots class”

Ages 3 and half to 5

Saturday 1pm – 1:30 and 1:45 – 2:15

Kids Class prices


Classes are 8 euro per lesson with discounts for families and siblings and all classes are pay as you go. So no weekly or monthly fees

Ninja tots are 5 euro per class pay as you go

”New Teenagers class”

High intensity Martial Arts fitness! Bag work and introduction to sword training

Ages 12+

Saturdays 3pm – 3:45

Adult Classes: 

Every Wednesday and Thursday evening :


Every Saturday: 2-3pm

Adult Class prices

Adult classes are 10 euro per class with an introductory offer of 20 euro for you first three classes. So you get one class free

For more information on classes in Mullingar call us on 0858808265 send us an email: mullingarma@hotmail.com or visit our website listed at the bottom of the page or just drop into the shop for a look around and a friendly chat

Training at the Shogun.ie Martial Arts Centre in Mullingar where emphasis is on manners, discipline and respect. The old ways are for self defence

Training at the Shogun.ie Martial Arts Centre in Mullingar where emphasis is on manners, discipline and respect. The old ways are for self defence


At the Shogun Martial Arts training centre in Mullingar co Westmeath we teach Genbukan Ninpo along with traditional Japanese Jujutsu which itself is a complete Martial Art combining the oldest forms of Koryu Karate as well as weapons and every aspect of unarmed combat. The aim of traditional Martial Arts is to avoid conflict and win without fighting and for that reason the highest level unarmed techniques are trained and mastered both in the body and the mind. Children do not learn how to fight but how not to fight while at the same time capable of defending themselves with confidence and skill through awareness and discipline
Ninpo is an ancient martial art dating back 2,700 years in Japanese recorded history and is passed through the generations via family lines. Traditionally, in any generation there can only be one Grandmaster and keeper of a traditional school.
Chief Instructor Martin O'Raghaillaigh holds the rank of 6th dan in Ninpo and 6th dan Jujutsu. He is one of the rare Martial Artists in the west that holds authentic Japanese titles in ancient traditional Japanese schools of Martial Arts
We are very fortunate that Chief Instructor for Genbukan Martial Arts Ireland Martin O’Raghaillaigh is a regular guest instructor at the Mullingar dojo. He holds the rank of 6th dan in Ninpo and 6th dan Jujutsu. He is one of the rare Martial Artists in the west that holds authentic Japanese titles in pure schools of traditional Japanese Jujutsu as well as other Martial Arts. He is a personal student of renowned Ninpo grandmaster Shoto Tanemura
Sensei Martin O’Raghaillaigh is also available for seminars around Ireland.
Email mullingarma@hotmail.com